Color the Morning

Aloha Friday! 

Here's a reminder of why you need to make sure to enjoy a Vero Beach sunrise. Its unlike anything I have ever seen anywhere else.

This particular morning I walked up to South Beach just in time to watch the thunderstorms pass far off shore. The rising sun behind them, lighting in front. It was natures perfect light show. I wasn't able to capture any of the lighting strikes, I'll leave that for another day, what I did capture is in my imagination exactly what is must look like to walk up to heaven. 

Vero Beach consistently amazes me. If you have never watched the sunrise here, put that as a top priority right now. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to witness the greatest painting of all time.  

South Beach Life Guard Tower at first light. 

Pelicans dancing in the paint. 

A still Ocean, vibrant colors, reflections of glory. 

What a place we live. Get out and enjoy every second of it! 

have a wonderful weekend from everyone here at Portfolio

Nathaniel Harrington has been working in Photography since 2002 and developed his camera skills on-the-job within the Action/Sports Industry. He quickly saw the importance of developing creative skills in Design, Marketing, and on Social Media platforms. He has played an integral role in creating and distributing images to national and international brands within the Action/Sports Industry as well as leading publishers. Through his experiences as a photographer, he has developed a passion for learning and distributing his work across all forms of media. His greatest goal is to make a difference with imagery that can inspire, influence, and lead.

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