Waking up, yah, even on a Monday...

Ah man, another Monday. Well, it's a good thing our Monday's start in a place like Vero, because if it was elsewhere I wouldn't know what to do. 

I took a little walk down to the beach at 6:30am. The sky was clear and there was a faint whisper of offshore winds, a few clouds on the horizon. Another picturesque moment in our fair town. 

Taking a dip in the Ocean felt great, the water is warm, the air is warm and I could have stayed there all day long if it wasn't for life's responsibilities. Oh well, the Ocean isn't going anywhere. 

And that's all on a Monday. Just think what Tuesday could be like! 

Small Surf this morning with a hint of beautiful. 

Pelican's in flight. 

Dreamy Monday Mornings... 

Ya know.. we could be living in Oklahoma.. 

Enjoy life folks. :) 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Nathaniel Harrington has been working in Photography since 2002 and developed his camera skills on-the-job within the Action/Sports Industry. He quickly saw the importance of developing creative skills in Design, Marketing, and on Social Media platforms. He has played an integral role in creating and distributing images to national and international brands within the Action/Sports Industry as well as leading publishers. Through his experiences as a photographer, he has developed a passion for learning and distributing his work across all forms of media. His greatest goal is to make a difference with imagery that can inspire, influence, and lead.

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